Thursday, October 12, 2023

Introducing... Shiny Happy Stuff!!

Made by Telaine + Tween's new shop will launch SOON this weekend! Shiny Happy Stuff will feature stylish fidget bracelets and plushies packed with lavender. 

My bracelets feature a sliding bead, which is gemstone, wood, metal, or ceramic. The large gemstones are cubes or circles -- and are smooth to the touch. The bead makes a satisfying clicking noise while it glides over the seed beads.

My 12-year-old daughter will sell turtles and other animals crocheted with love. Real dried lavender will be placed inside, packed with it, or not included if you prefer. Give them a squeeze to let go of your day's anxieties. She is very excited to learn about running a business (and make money to buy more yarn)! 😂 I have no idea who she gets that from. 

I will be knitting some mini fidget scarves  from my own yarn stash for the shop, too.

Shiny Happy Stuff will be on Etsy and available for dropoff/pickup in the Green Bay, Wis., area. 

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