Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Behind the bracelets

Do you have an itch you want to scratch? But you shouldn't? That is what brought fidgets into my life. And they inspired the bracelets I make for the shop. Here is a sneak peek of some to come...

I need to keep my fingers busy or I'll start scratching without even realizing it. For at least 10 years, I tried various creams and wore long sleeves to hide my scars. I would knit (and maybe eat too much) to keep my hands busy. 

When anxiety grabs me, I will claw at my arms or dig my fingernails into my palms. It happens at meetings, doctors appointments, or noisy social situations. I don't want to take out a fidget and bring attention to myself. I like quiet, subtle, and soothing. Fidget jewelry has been the way.

I bought some. Then I tripped and fell right into jewelry crafting. I keep my fingers busy making things that I can play with — I absolutely love these bracelets.  I want to share them with anyone else who has a similar itch to scratch.

Christmas is coming!

I have a lot of beads to make quite a variety of bracelets. If you want something special, message me on Facebook or Etsy.

1 comment:

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