Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Behind the bracelets

Do you have an itch you want to scratch? But you shouldn't? That is what brought fidgets into my life. And they inspired the bracelets I make for the shop. Here is a sneak peek of some to come...

I need to keep my fingers busy or I'll start scratching without even realizing it. For at least 10 years, I tried various creams and wore long sleeves to hide my scars. I would knit (and maybe eat too much) to keep my hands busy. 

When anxiety grabs me, I will claw at my arms or dig my fingernails into my palms. It happens at meetings, doctors appointments, or noisy social situations. I don't want to take out a fidget and bring attention to myself. I like quiet, subtle, and soothing. Fidget jewelry has been the way.

I bought some. Then I tripped and fell right into jewelry crafting. I keep my fingers busy making things that I can play with — I absolutely love these bracelets.  I want to share them with anyone else who has a similar itch to scratch.

Christmas is coming!

I have a lot of beads to make quite a variety of bracelets. If you want something special, message me on Facebook or Etsy.

Monday, October 30, 2023

Our shop is open!

Let's open our online doors to our Etsy shop, Shiny Happy Stuff, created by Made by Telaine + Tween. 

The holidays will hit us like a big snowfall very soon. Are you feeling a bit anxious or looking for a cute gift? We have goodies for both.

Shiny happy fidget bracelets 
I discovered fidget bracelets by watching a DIY by Megan Weller on YouTube about a year ago. They were basic seed bead bracelets with a pony bead to slide back and forth. I included them in my teen craft class and they were a hit. They are a not an obvious or loud fidget. I wanted to take them a step further by using gemstones and stylish beads. Whether you believe in the healing benefits of stones or not, they are still very pretty. They are awesome for anyone who gets a little antsy and needs to keep their fingers busy. They are available as singles or in a trio with word and chunky bracelets. 

Plushy stuff 
My daughter learned how to crochet a couple years ago. It started simple and then boom -- she was hooked. Her plushies were falling out of her closet and she said she wished she could try selling some. That is what inspired me to reopen this shop. Now my kid gets to crochet to her heart's delight, maybe make some money, and learn about running a business. I am so excited to do this with her. She is starting with turtles who have fun shells but is taking orders for almost any other animal. Maybe some froggies with squishy bellies? She also makes beautiful granny squares. I am wowed by her skills every day. 

I hope you check us out. Even if you aren't ready to buy, please spread the word about Shiny Happy Stuff. ❤️

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Introducing... Shiny Happy Stuff!!

Made by Telaine + Tween's new shop will launch SOON this weekend! Shiny Happy Stuff will feature stylish fidget bracelets and plushies packed with lavender. 

My bracelets feature a sliding bead, which is gemstone, wood, metal, or ceramic. The large gemstones are cubes or circles -- and are smooth to the touch. The bead makes a satisfying clicking noise while it glides over the seed beads.

My 12-year-old daughter will sell turtles and other animals crocheted with love. Real dried lavender will be placed inside, packed with it, or not included if you prefer. Give them a squeeze to let go of your day's anxieties. She is very excited to learn about running a business (and make money to buy more yarn)! 😂 I have no idea who she gets that from. 

I will be knitting some mini fidget scarves  from my own yarn stash for the shop, too.

Shiny Happy Stuff will be on Etsy and available for dropoff/pickup in the Green Bay, Wis., area.