I'll be back.

Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit, weave and have picked up the sticks to needle knit, too! My patterns page links to Ravelry and I will answer questions about those. Maybe someday I will be back to write more. We will see where life takes me.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fuzzy-wuzzy season

Sedum and Mr. Bee

My sedums are starting to bloom. I can't escape the Packers chatter on Facebook and Twitter. And the back-to-school supplies that have been on the shelves since July are going on clearance. Yep, fall is just around the corner.

The temperatures are turning to a crisp cool. So I made some neckwarmers to keep my friends toasty during those late-summer bonfires or football games. The fuzzy soft yarn is light enough for this season. They are 100% wool-free.

Football neck cuff Pumpkin neck cuff
Carmen neck cuff Date Night neck cuff

Check them out at my Etsy shop. And stay tuned for even more knits from my friend, Lyn, in the near future.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Good things come in fours

Several happy moments have popped into my life in the past two weeks. Little things made me say "yay" and smile. Here are four of them in no particular order.

1. Our fourth wedding anniversary came with peanut-butter chicken and flowers.

Rose closeup

2. I had a job interview for an adjunct instructor position at our local tech school. I'm looking at teaching a class in the Marketing and Graphic Communications program. After a good chat with the department dean, I was sent home with a packet of papers. They included forms for taxes, background checks and a name badge. While I wasn't hired for this semester, this is an awesome step in the right direction! I could be even be considered to sub this fall.

3. Mr. Mitzy won second place a photo contest. I submitted a photo to the King of his Castle contest at bunspace. The recipe for his castle was a bunch of cardboard boxes, a large tube and a handful of toxic-free markers. The spoiled bun now gets a Cottontail Cottage for his "vacation home" as his prize.

King Mitzy

4. I made an Etsy sale. A lot of work went into this pair of legwarmers and I'm happy to say that they have sold. I hope the buyer loves them, pulls them on and starts dancing like a maniac immediately!

"She's a Maneiac!" legwarmers

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friends with benefits

I hope crafty cleverness rubs off on friends. Because mine ooze talent — and generosity. So I hope to grow as a person and a crafter during every Friday Night Knitting Club. Here are just a few tangible examples of their kindness ...

Gifts from crafty friends
Homemade yarn swift by Barbara's husband came with traveling tote

Gifts from crafty friends
SOCKS! by Zoe and pretty earrings by Donna

Gifts from crafty friends
Sewing-machine masterpieces by Dusty: two totes to hold projects and quilt-y coasters

I am forever in her debt in the friend bank but I gave her a small token of my thanks tonight.

Felted clutch 1
Felted clutch

Mother Nature has been a friend, too. Here are some of her latest gifts to our backyard.

Fairy ring mushrooms
Celtic folklore says fairy-ring mushrooms are made by fairies dancing on the grass overnight

Looks like celery!
We have celery!

Pansy bud
Pansies still blooming big for the last month of summer

Friday, August 7, 2009

A few for you and one for me

A pillow for you, a pillow for him, a pillow for her, a pillow for me — everyone gets a pillow! Well, if you buy them from my Etsy shop, you do.

It all began this week with a pillow I started several months ago. I finally conquered the zipper enclosure for a pillow insert. That might sound like a pip-squeak of an accomplishment to some but for this beginner, it was pretty neat.

Crazy-Chic T-Pillow front
Front of Crazy-Chic T-Pillow, made with "And How Are You Feeling Today?" Threadless design by Jan Avendano. Buy it here.

Crazy-Chic T-Pillow back
Flip it for a pretty alternative.

Now, let's get-let's get-let's get foxy! I put away the ruffles for this guy and went with one side of tassels. And while the fox might not be soft, you can certainly pet the black fleece.

Foxy T-pillow
T-pillow made with "Foxy" Threadless shirt by Lixin Wang. Buy it here.

The next pillow was bought before even listed. And a special thanks to jensantarelli for donating the shirt, too! Anyone can do this. Just contact me through Etsy conversations. You will get a discount and free shipping when the pillow is ready.

Saint T-Pillow
"Saint" T-pillow in a small, toss-at-your-rival size

Speaking of Threadless, the next two are especially for the bloggers over there. For the past few years, artists and fans alike have made the trek to the Chicago headquarters in the fall. But for some, the desire to go does not match the money in their wallet. So the amazing community gets together for what they call a "bloggeraiser." By selling arts, crafts, shirts, etc., they raise money to send a special someone to the meetup. This year, I'm donating two pillow experiments to the cause.

Tee pillow for Bloggeraiser I Heart Threadless pillow for Bloggeraiser
Shaped like a tee and filled with plush love ... buy them here!

With all these pillows bursting out of my craft room, I felt a little jealous. So I went ahead and made one for me to squeeze.

"Bath" T-pillow

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spoils of shopping

The buttons were only the beginning. I have "suffered" from shopaholism all last week. I reaped the benefits by mail this week.

Finished market bag
Polka Dot Cottage buttons on my market bag

Knit Picks loot
Clearance loot from KnitPicks ... The yarn is sooo soft and the wood buttons are very pretty, too.

New loom!
An afghan loom from CinDWood Crafts ... gonna make some sweaters starting this fall!

Marble Chunky
Yarn for the next snake hat ... and this one is spoken for!

Shopping crossed over from my craft world into other areas, too. I bought some cute peasant shirts for when I want something more dressy than a Threadless tee. And I went a little bird feeder crazy. But that's ok because a bunch of pretty birds are now going crazy for the feed.

Hello birdie