I'll be back.

Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit (and weave now, too!) but I seem to take more photos of my toddler than my crafts these days. She has that cute factor going for her. Because of this, I have started a tumblr called Tiny Taughts of our home lessons, crafts and projects. Please visit me there and I promise to come back here soon!

Mitzy memories

Mr. Mitzy ran the business behind the scenes. His thumps and binkies determined what was worthy of making it online. I learned this and much more about the bunny world before his unexpected passing on Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010. He was 1 year, 7 months old.

Birthday week: Day 3/4

He approved of many loom-knits and pillows.

Mitzy checks out my knitting progress

Mitzy and I fell in love when he was just a 3-month babe at the Bay Area Humane Society. His lil white paw won me over. The Rex-mix bunny lived with his brown-white mommy while his silver-gray daddy was in a nearby cage. At that point, us silly humans thought he was a she, thus the girly name. But the Mitzy name stuck so we just add a "Mr." when his manhood is questioned.

Welcome home baby bun
Mr. Mitzy was born Jan. 9, 2009, and adopted March 20.

Mitzy on a leash!
3 months old and checking out the backyard

Mr Mitzy napping under the bed
4 months old, playful and apt at hiding

Birthday week: Day 4/4
6 months old

More Mitzy

Birthday week: Day 2/4

King Mitzy
King Mitzy won second place in a photo contest at Bunspace.

Ready for my close-up!
7 months

Grooming his pal
10 months, with his stuffed pal Einstein

Merry Mitzmas
11 months, Merry Mitzmas

He was a 1-year-old, 8-pounder bunny. He loved to shed his soft gray fur everywhere he went so he didn't get craft-room privileges. But his opinion could be heard from down the hall.

Mr. Mitzy and my green toes

Mr. Mitzy's pot