I'll be back.

Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit (and weave now, too!) but I seem to take more photos of my toddler than my crafts these days. She has that cute factor going for her. Because of this, I have started a tumblr called Tiny Taughts of our home lessons, crafts and projects. Please visit me there and I promise to come back here soon!

Meet me

Flightless by Yeoh Guan Hong

I am a crafty designer gal in a Green Bay suburb in Wisconsin. Nice to meet you!

I learned how to loom-knit several years ago and I love creating zany original patterns. Almost anything hand-knit can be done on the looms and I teach classes locally.

Threadknit mitten #2 progress

I know some basic sewing and enjoy repurposing t-shirts into fun pillows. I mostly use Threadless tees because their designs fit well but I plan to use some thrift-store materials in the future.

Greatest Connection t-pillow

I have a special interest in graphic arts, which I like to apply to my crafts. I work from home as a freelance designer; part-time college tutor; and contractor for LucieLu.com clothing shop and Interlacements Yarns. Here's where I work at home ...

My new sewing area!  Craft room pegboard  Work area: computer  Threadless art panel

You can stalk me at ...
Or e-mail me at Tanya@madebytelaine.com. Let's chit-chat!