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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Been there, done hats

Well, it's pretty much hats off for the coming summer. … But not for babies!

the Donna hat
Needle-knit sun hat by my friend, Donna, for lil miss CB. Sorry girly, you still gotta wear a hat to protect your barely-hairy head.

Baby hats are quick and little projects for that summer knitting. So let's share loom-knit head toppers! First two were for newly borns in March.

Haven stripe hat

Haven stripe hat
  • 31-peg large-gauge loom (red Knifty Knitter)
  • 3 colors of double-stranded worsted yarn
Crochet cast on 31 pegs.

Brim: With Color A, K2 P2 stitches for 8 rows (about 1 inch).

Stockinette stripe: With Color B, K all stitches for 8 rows.

Seed stripe: Change to Color C.
Row 1: K1 P1 all stitches
Row 2: P1 K1 all stitches
Repeat 2 rows three more times for 8 rows total.

Stockinette stripe: With Color A, K all stitches for 8 rows.

Seed stripe: Change to Color B and repeat seed-stitch pattern for 8 rows.

Stockinette stripe: With Color C, K all stitches for 8 rows.

Rib stripe: With Color A, K2 P2 stitches for 8 rows or until the hat measures about 7 inches in depth.

Haven stripe hat

Do a gathered bind-off. Add a pompon. 

Carmen skull hat

Carmen skull hat
  • 31-peg large-gauge loom (red Knifty Knitter)
  • Main color was a double-stranded worsted; second color was a bulky
Crochet cast-on 31 pegs in Main Color.

Brim: K2 P2 for about 1 inch.

Knit all for 2 rows.

For 15 rows, follow the skull pattern by Polar Knit with a couple adjustments to the diagram. (PDF link now works in case it didn't on your previous visit!)

1. I added a white stitch at Row 15, Stitch 10. This helped me carry the white yarn through. You might want to do the same in the skull area of Row 13 but I did not and just made sure to tighten and knot the main color yarn across that colorwork once I was done.

2. I repeat Stitch 10 on Peg 31.

Carmen skull hat

After finishing the skull section, K all rows until hat measures about 7 inches. Go a little shorter for newborns. Add a pompon if you want.

CB's winter flower hat

Winter flower hat

I did not knit this hat. My creative sister, Tracy, loom-knit it herself and has given me permission to share her secrets. She used the e-wrap knit and double-layered the hat. It probably was loose enough to last a 6-month-old CB another winter but the length would be a little short. So if you like the idea, knit just a bit longer!
  • 36-peg large-gauge loom (green Knifty Knitter)
  • Two color-coordinated worsted yarns
E-wrap cast on 31 pegs with 2 strands.

E-wrap knit for almost 7 inches. Drop 1 strand of yarn. 

Knit 7 more inches to double the length.

Bring the loops of the first row back up to their corresponding pegs. Knit over.

Gathered bind off. The hat is now double-layered!

Winter flower hat

Flower: My sister winged it with the flower. Here is what she has to say: "For the flower I think I just knit 3 small sections and fashioned them into petals with stitching. I kind of free-formed it so I don't remember exactly what I did now." She cast on 4 stitches and purled the outside stitches for each row (P K K P) for about 3 inches each.

Basic bunny hat
Let's hop along to Easter, when I turned CB into a quick-knit bunny. This is an alternate version to my Bunny Baby Hat pattern. Simpler hat, almost double the work for the ears.

Simple bunny hat
  • 36-peg large-gauge loom (green Knifty Knitter)
  • Bulky cotton yarn for main color; furry bulky yarn for inner bunny ears
With main color, do a gathered cast-on for 36 stitches. (PDF directions for cast-on created by Brenda Myers)

Knit about 6 inches in stockinette.

Brim: K2 P2 for about 1 inch.

Yarn-over bindoff.

You will be making 4 ear parts. Two outer and two slightly smaller inner ears. Inner ear numbers are in () and use the furry bulky yarn.

E-wrap cast on 8 (6) inches.

Knit all for 20 (18) rows, increasing both sides every 10 (9) rows.

Knit 20 (18) rows. Decrease both sides on Row 20 (18).

Decrease both sides every 3 rows until just 1 stitch remains. Bind off. Sew the smaller ears onto the large ears with yarn of your choice.

Simple bunny hat

Wow, typing up these patterns from months past was far beyond a hat trick. I hope they inspire you like the dino hats inspired a group of knitters (Knitting Rays of Hope) who donate to cancer centers.

Now it's time to hit the road ... to bed. 

the Donna hat
Hats all, folks!

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