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Monday, October 24, 2011

Kiddie-size loomin'

You've been living under a ball of yarn if you haven't heard about this book. Bethany Dailey's Loom Knitting for Little People has made it to the Internet bookshelves! It's packed full of fun knits to make for kids young and old.

Loom Knitting for Little People

As the book designer, I had a mostly easy job putting together the well-written patterns by Bethany, gorgeous photos by Christina A. Flores and editing by Jennifer Stark. The project was a first for all of us so we learned a lot as we worked along. Putting together a 113-page book is no small feat! 

Loom Knitting for Little People

But every revision, redesign and rewording was worth it. Bethany has self-published a book that reads as professionally as any other knitting book out there.

The patterns are divided into Wearables, Accessories and Play Things. Plus the Knitty Gritty section explains all the techniques in depth. Projects range from beginner (Pom-Pom Hat) to moderate-advanced (2-Piece Hooded Vest).

The Crazy Caterpillar pattern is a great, low-commitment way to try several new stitches. Your swatches turn into a cuddly creature! The Pair of Lacy Trims can be applied to any project you wish. I know I have a baby blanket just waiting for a finishing touch.

Some more of my favorites … 

The Jester Hat along with that Crazy Caterpillar are both on my to-knit list. They only look intimidating until you read the simple step-by-step instructions. 

The yarn used in this project helps an organization called KidKnits. The nonprofit buys merino wool yarn hand-dyed and spun by widows in Rwanda, which helps support families there. They also sell kits that include a 36-peg round loom.

Koby is a kitty that would win any child's heart. It might take me awhile to jump onto a project this large since assembly has always been my least favorite part of knitting. But someday, I will give in!
A few months ago, I test-knitted the So Cool Cap pattern. Go on back to that post to read all about it. I can't wait till the cap fits our CB.

A total of 33 patterns fill the book's pages with lots of photos and illustrations. If you haven't already added it your loomy library you can buy it from CreateSpace (more proceeds go to Bethany) or Amazon. Happy looming for you lil' ones! 

Bethany A. Dailey: Web site, Facebook
Christina A. Flores Photography: Web site, Facebook
Jennifer K. Stark: Web site

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  1. What a beautiful job you've done here, Tanya! :) Your review is wonderful and extremely informative. I'm so glad you were a part of this project! You were an absolute perfect fit! :)