I'll be back.

Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit, weave and have picked up the sticks to needle knit, too! My patterns page links to Ravelry and I will answer questions about those. Maybe someday I will be back to write more. We will see where life takes me.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer's passage

The season is on the cusp of autumn. The toad lilies are just starting to bloom ...

Toad lilies

... as our new life grows.

While we endured sleepless nights, our garden changed with each day. Minutes have quickened for us. But they take their time on each and every bloom outside.

Nikon Blue hydrangeas Nikon Blue hydrangea Nikon Blue Hydrangea Nikon (blue) hydrangea
Nikon hydrangea: From golden blues to violets to faded pinks

Salmon lilies
Last petals of the Salmon Asiatic Lilies

Blushing hydrangea Angel's Blush hydrangea
Blushing Angel Hydrangea

Asiatic orange lilies
Asiatic orange lilies

Twist n Shout Hydrangea Twist n Shout Hydrangea Twist n Shout hydrangea
Twist N Shout Hydrangea reaching their end

White azalea
White Azalea after a summer shower

Tiger lily
Tall tiger lilies

August Lily hosta
August Lily Hosta

Toad lilies
Only the beginning of the toad lilies


  1. Beautiful photos, as always. I wish I could see your garden in person.

  2. Such beautiful abundance, Tanya! :) You have such a green thumb...each year I look forward to your garden photos. :)

    Your little 'un is adorable! <3

  3. Thank you Melody! I hope to find time to take more pretty pics for Blogtoberfest. ... I found your blog and I love your crafts. I'm not brave enough to quilt and your creations are beautiful.