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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little bunny, big roar

My lionhead bunny has been ruling my craft-room kingdom for nearly 6 months. In that time, Willow's "bark" has proven to be worse than her bite. Because she doesn't really bite — or scratch her human servants. But she wants you to believe she's a force to be reckoned with.

Bunny extreme closeup

Knowing that my bun was 2 or 3 years old upon adoption, I figured she wouldn't grow any larger. She looked like a teeny thing at first. 

Food, please ... now
November 2010

But her girth has grown in step with her personality — in healthy servings. She has also been the most vocal bunny I've ever met. She delivers her decrees with squeaks and thumps on a daily basis. When she runs her Indy 500s, she starts each lap with a hind-foot stomp that echoes like a gunshot. She runs for a reason, too. She's got to make us work to catch her for a cuddle.

Bunny blur

For the first few months, the fur did not fly like her sprints. But soon enough, it was time for her to shed like most bunnies do. The brush was just the warmup. I found that plucking actually was more bountiful and much preferred by both of us. I've started a nice collection of Willow fur that might someday become yarn.

Bunny pluckin     Bunny brushin

New coat coming in
February 2011

Her poofy coat has filled back in nicely since then. And sure enough, she started another shedding session this past week. I took advantage of a nice spring day and headed outside, where the fur can fly free. Here are a series of photos from Willow's day on the deck. She has grown to be quite a bunny!

Bunny on alert  Periscoping bunny
Guard bunny, always alert

Cleaning the foot
Time for a bath ...

Foot cleaning interuptus
Ahem! A little privacy, please?!

One ear cocked
My pretty girl, always listening with at least one ear

With this last photo, Willow has made her debut on flickr's Explore, where photos with high "interestingness" show up. She has become quite a star in the past couple days as her admirers leave comments. I'm trying to not let it go to her fluffy head but she's never been the most humble queen of our suburban jungle. So I'll just feel humbled enough for the both of us.

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