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Friday, February 18, 2011

Stitches West: Day 1

Welcome to Stitches Market Preview ... vicariously, that is.

Interlacements booth

We greeted early shoppers to the Interlacements booth Thursday. The line to the doors snaked through several hallways of the Santa Clara Convention Center in California. I missed the initial rush photo but I'll have three more chances this weekend.

Interlacements booth

Interlacments booth

Interlacements booth
Rhode Island and Mamboo Bamboo yarns

Interlacements booth
Rick Rack topper and the corresponding yarn

I made my first market purchase from Girl on the Rocks, who shared a booth with Pigeonroof Studios. She has the cutest sheep WPI gauges and bobbins. I first learned about her from Franklin Habit's blog post. I made sure to buy a few and took note of her equally wonderful yarns.

Girl on the Rocks gauges

Girl on the Rocks yarn

The day wasn't over when the market closed. We sat back for a bit at the Ravelry meetup. And soon enough, in rolled Em straight from the airport. Our Interlacements team is now complete! ... And then we got to meet the team behind Ravelry.

Meeting the Ravelry team

But let's rewind to the afternoon to wrap up today's mostly yarny blog post. Zoe and I trekked (in the rain, what's up sunny California, huh?) to the bus and wound our way south to the Winchester Mystery House. We toured a house that was continuously being built — and rebuilt — at the turn of the 20th century.

Winchester House

Sarah Winchester was widowed and worried about spirits. She believed a house built like a maze would confused the ghosts and guarantee her a long life. A staircase would lead to ceiling, cupboards would open to walls and a door opened to "nowhere".

Winchester House

We got a quick glance of the gardens (and a taste of what our Wisconsin spring will be like) on our way out. The rain even gave us a little reprieve.

Winchester House

Winchester House

Winchester House

Good night until tomorrow, our first full day of Stitches West!

Outside the convention center
Outside the Santa Clara Convention Center

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  1. Wow! Love the pictures! Glad everyone is having a good time. Wish I was there! It looks like a very impressive event to be a part of. Have loads of fun!