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Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Friendly Scarf Project, Square 3/10

So I set out last week to do the Stamen Stitch for my scarf square. Ooops! I accidentally forgot to purl my even rows and I knit up the Woven Stitch instead. My hands must be trained that way because I've done this stitch quite a few times before. It's featured in my Rocky Road fingerless mittens pattern and I used it in a scarflet gift two Christmases ago.

Rocky Road fingerless mitts

Woven neckwarmer
Gift for my mother-in-law

But in case you missed it, here it is again!

Woven stitch

I knit it up with some sparkly purple Caron Simply Soft.

Woven stitch

Woven stitch
Multiple of 2 stitches plus 2 edge stitches
Row 1: K all
Row 2: K1 *(Slip 1, work yarn in front, K1), rep from *, K1
Row 3: K all
Row 4: K1 *(K1, Slip 1, wyif), rep from *, K1

On the loom

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