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Friday, October 1, 2010

Garden buzz

Autumn has arrived but my garden is still pretty bzzz-y. The fall flowers are blooming and the bees are feasting. The sedum has been the buffet of the block. I like to believe they are quite thankful for the nectar so I thought it would make a good card for my Etsy shop.

Sedum Bee Thank You Card
Autumn sedum bee thank-you card listing ... available as a single card for $2. If you'd like a discounted set of 6 or 12, send me message!

Onto to the best photos of my September garden ...

Butterfly on the sedum
This year, I caught a butterfly enjoying the sedum.

Sleepy bee
... And a bee sleeping in my bunny statue's ear.

Licorice vine
The Mitzy planter shows off the licorice vine on the deck.

Stubborn strawberries
On the patio below, my stubborn strawberry plant tries to bear another round before our first frost hits.

Now I want to show of the star of the season. My four toad lilies are all blooming in the shade garden. These teeny tiny flowers squish in so many details that I love getting right in their faces. I can't wait to see how they spread to fill out the area next year.

Toad lilies
This big bloomer came from my mother-in-law's friend.

Toad lilies

Toad lilies overall
The tallest toad lily of dark purple and white rises high above the three other plants.

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