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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sputnikfest success

The forecast wasn't promising. But we made the trek to my hometown of Manitowoc, Wis., on a very rainy morning with hope in my heart. And it turns out a cloudy day doesn't scare away the alien enthusiasts. My little Made by Telaine venture made a splash at this year's Sputnikfest.

Made by Telaine booth!

Mr. Plat and I got soaked until the tent was actually up. Have I mentioned how awesome my husband is? He got up at 5:30 a.m. to help drive 45 minutes to set up a craft fair booth in the rain. More thanks to ... My dad who found and delivered tables; my mom who sat with me for most of the day; AND my sisters and knitty friends who drove from out of town and stopped by, umbrellas in hand. We had no idea anyone was even going to show up to this shindig.

Anyway ... A few drip drops creeped in so I strategically arranged the products in the drier areas — and rearranged about three times until the fair began.

The dino hats and glow-in-the-dark wristbands were the big winners in the booth. And now I have two, maybe four, more dino hats to make this fall! If you want one for Christmas, we better chat soon!

Made by Telaine booth

The displays I bought from Shana (Loops & Links yarn shop) came in handy. My little signs about loom-knitting and pillow-making were read by a few. I think I need a bigger sign though.

Made by Telaine booth

I had made enough sales to pay for my booth fee and then some when a sweet surprise came my way. I won second place for Best of Show!! The "pottery guy" won first and I believe it with everything I heard about his awesome egg cookers. I also met the wonderful gal behind Gracie Designs who is working on creating a crafter co-op in my area. The fair organizer, Kim, was also a sweet, laidback gal to work with.

Let's check out what happened just outside my booth throughout the day ...

Stormtroopers and mom
My mom hangs out with some Star Wars characters.

Star Wars characters
And then they fight!

Brian and Tessa
My sister, Tessa, tries on a monster hat but I think her boyfriend, Brian, makes a more convincing monster face.

Alien Tracy  Alien sisters
Tracy goes alien with some new specs ... Tessa and I drive a spaceship for a few minutes.

Purple alien dude
A purple alien welcomes folks to the craft fair.

Free pins
Lots of Made by Telaine pins went to the kids who like free stuff — or maybe I inspired some future knitters. Ok, ok ... I know the real reason. This alien dude found a good home at least!

I had a blast at Sputnikfest and I would do it again ... with hopefully a sunnier day. I'm going to get one of those blow-up aliens, too.

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