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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Intertwined with Interlacements

My newest job has me wrapped around its little finger. With yarn. And I don't mind a bit! Let me introduce you to Interlacements Yarns and the woman who has a heart as big as her craft stash.

Interlacements fiber and yarns

Do you remember the bit of happy news from Stitches Midwest I couldn't quite share yet? Well, the yarn's out of the bag as of right now.

With my knitty friends Zoe and Em, I became reacquainted with an old Loops and Links regular Tracey Schuh. I remembered her as the amazing sock-machine knitting magician (which is another hobby I'd like to try someday). And I've since learned she once had an interest in loom-knitting, too.

Antique looms
Two pretty antique knitting boards came home with me.

She and her husband had just bought Interlacements Yarns and were running the booth at the yarn expo. Before us gals knew it, she asked us to work for her at Stitches West in Santa Clara, Calif., in February. !!! Yep, California, here we come.

Not a bad view
OK, this isn't California. But Tracey does have a breath-taking backyard that makes you feel like you're on vacation.

But before we sell the yarn, we got to learn the yarn. So we've paid some visits to her home and headquarters … and in turn, have been paid in yummy yarn and other goodies.

New York ribbon yarn  California worsted
Hawaii DK yarn  Yang bulky yarn

New York, California, Hawaii and Yang ... all hand-dyed yarns of varying weights. I wrote up a quick lacey cowl pattern just today for the silky wool Yang. (But I won't get to knit it for at least another month.)

Decor Accents knitting board
Another "payment" ... This 60-inch Decor Accents knitting board means I will never have to knit lap afghans in panels again!

But this goes beyond yarn play for me. I also get to employ my graphic design skills. My work has spanned from logos and photography to creating an Etsy shop. During our last visit, I took photos of her samples to sell.

Interlacements knits
Sunset cap-sleeve tee, modeled by the impressive Em

Interlacements knits
Detail of the Prairie shell top

The tops and socks feel as soft as they look. The socks already have a starring role in an Etsy treasury today. The yarn is hand-dyed and comes in wools, cotton, flax and silk to name a few fibers. If you want the yarn itself, you can head over to the main Interlacements website. We're still sorting the current bounty …

Interlacements yarn sorting  Interlacements yarn sorting

… And more beauties are on their way!

Interlacements yarns drying

Interlacements yarns

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  1. Wow...that sounds like a lot of fun! Congratulations on your new assignments! :)