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Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit, weave and have picked up the sticks to needle knit, too! My patterns page links to Ravelry and I will answer questions about those. Maybe someday I will be back to write more. We will see where life takes me.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lilies and a logo

This garden update is brought to you by a new down-to-earth logo (above! ^) and the letter "R" — rain and robin. Both of which have kept me inside for most of the month.

Mama robin became a vigilante, swooping down on anyone who dared to walk near her nest under the deck. This meant the patio garden, upper deck and most of the backyard were danger zones. But the babies are finally flying now so here's hoping they fly far, far away.

At least the rain (7.75 inches!) offered me a consolation prize of beautiful lily blooms.

Tiger lily
The tall tiger lilies are a me-pleaser.

Rain lilies
The aptly named rain lilies are thriving.

Strawberry Candy daylily
Strawberry Candy daylily looks good enough to eat.

New lily in the frontyard garden
I got a Dark Sensation oriental lily from a greenhouse clearance this year. He's adding some pink pop to the front yard.

Samurai toad lily
The teeny tiny Samurai toad lilies bloomed! I hope his buddies follow his example.

The garden edibles are ripenin' for the pickin' ...

Sweet 100 tomatoes
Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes ... in the Topsy Turvy

Early Girl tomatoes
Early Girl tomatoes

Sweet pepper
We are now waiting for the sweet pimiento pepper to turn red. The green bell pepper plants are not doing so hot.

Cucumbers are weird
And cucumbers are just crazy cool to watch.


  1. I love lillies! Awesome pictures. I'm also loving the blog's Victorian-esque color scheme.