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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Twilight knits

So Buffy's evil nemesis in the Season 8 comic book series is called Twilight. Hmm ... Being a fan of both pop culture crazes, that makes me grin just a bit. Anyway ...

I gave in to my Twilight tendencies and paired up for a recent swap in the Ravelry forums. I chose Team Edward and made a Team Jacob friend. Our mission was to make something that the other could wear to the Eclipse premiere, plus include a pattern and yarn, and some extra goodies.

Alice mitts in Jacob colors

I started off by loom-knitting a pair of Alice mitts, a pattern inspired by the mitts the vampire pixie wears in New Moon. But I chose a wolfy yarn color to stay true to Team Jacob.

Bella bracelet

My partner, dragonpink, also had this Bella-inspired bracelet in her favorites list. With some research, I found out that the bracelet that Bella actually wears has St. Jude buttons all around. I could not find those so I settled with shell buttons. I knit the bracelet band in seed stitch and left a hole for a button. Then I sewed on many, many buttons. I loved this so much I might make one for myself!

The Twilight swap package I sent

Since my knits were so simple, I threw in lots of extra yarn in dragonpink's favorite colors with a few Twilight movie-inpsired patterns. I found out what her favorite snacks were and bought a few New Moon trinkets (since Eclipse merchandise wasn't out yet). And to top of the Team Jacob theme, I included a New Moon dreamcatcher, made from a kit on Don't Worry Be Hippie's Etsy shop.

Twilight knitty swap goodies

In turn, I was a lucky gal this week to get this loot in the mail. My partner crocheted me this gorgeous scarf inspired by Edward's bronze eyes and pair of book cover-inspired fingerless mittens. She also made some cute earring/stitch markers with red and black beads. Some jewelry, stickers and a cute drawstring bag completed the package of awesome.

Twilight knitty swap goodies

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  1. Excellent loot all around! Love the yarn you knit the mitts out of.