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Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit (and weave now, too!) but I seem to take more photos of my toddler than my crafts these days. She has that cute factor going for her. Because of this, I have started a tumblr called Tiny Taughts of our home lessons, crafts and projects. Please visit me there and I promise to come back here soon!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Knitty gifts unwrapped

The cat's out the Christmas bag. That gift and more are no longer secret and I get to share them with you! First up, though, is the Inara scarf, my first lace project for loom-knitting. The pattern is by Isela Phelps.

Inara scarf: after blocking!!

Here is the process from on-the-loom to look-at-me-I'm-lacey!

Diamond lace scarf WIP
I started slow but once the pattern was in my brain, the scarf grew fast.

Inara scarf: before blocking
It's off the loom and it looks a little uneven.

Inara scarf: During blocking
The transformation from scrunchy-skinny to stretchy awesome!

Inara scarf: blocking
Steam and wait.

Inara scarf: after blocking!
All done! I'm glad I took the time to block this baby. The lace really pops now!

Here are the other gifts I made for family:

Woven neckwarmer
I translated a needle-knit pattern to the loom with the help of Isela Phelps and Lisa Clarke. The perty result was a gift for my mom-in-law.

Christmas Neckwarmer
I sprinkled some vertical colorwork into a trusty double-knit scarflet pattern. This gifty was for Plat's grandma.

Cat Hat
And here's the kitty! This was another tried-and-true pattern, in which I striped some colors. The Wool-Ease yarn makes this very warm and cozy. I want to make one for me for those snow-blowing days.

I got some knitty-related gifts, too. My sister's boyfriend got me a Knit Picks gift certificate and More Knitting Wheel Fashions pattern book. And I'm getting Loom Knitting Socks book with an Amazon gift certificate. Cheers to a New Year full of crafty fun!

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  1. What amazing lacy stitch you did on that scarf! I love it!