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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Loco for logos!

When I said so long to my newspaper job last year, I thought I would be a freelance graphic designer. Lately, it seems I've become more of freelance craft designer instead. And I'm considering part-time graphics jobs now so I can keep doing crafts. Who knew?

But I need my graphics fix every once in awhile til I find a job. Here's what I've been up to ...

Knits by Zoe
First commission!

In January, I created a logo package for Knits by Zoe. She's an awesome friend who is knitting for some cash on the side. She recently made this replica stocking for a client ...

And while it wasn't for a client, this is also amazing and makes the fangirl in me squeal with glee ...

Loops & Links yarn shop
I think I've got the crafty folk demographic for my graphic designing. Because I've also done some things for this cool lil yarn shop in De Pere. Last year I created some fun t-shirts for a Stitch 'N Pitch baseball game.

StitchPitch Shirt

FIrst printed shirt!
(scrapbooked by Emily)

This spring I will be updating that design for some tote bags instead. I think I'm going to give Mr. Sheep a baseball jersery ... and maybe even cleats!

I also recently made this little flash for Shana, the shop owner. It was the first assignment in my class so it's very basic and I have plans to make a smoother version soon.

Bay Area Humane Society
About a month ago one of my knitty friends, Holly, told me about a logo contest for the Bay Area Humane Society. It's not a money-maker but definitely a portfolio-builder ... and it was fun, too! I just barely squeezed in two submissions before the deadline this past weekend.

Humane Society logo contest

Humane Society logo 2

And making logos is exactly what I'd like to do for a living. Sure, it's challenging but it's something way different from newspaper work. And I would be making something that would hopefully last years and not just a day in print.

Speaking of the Humane Society, I'm starting to research a bunny aquistion for the spring. It's been so very quiet since Kern the hamster passed away and I need a daytime friend. The last time I had a bunny was many years ago in Milwaukee and I'll leave you with a cutie photo of Dutch Boy the bunny.

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