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Hello old and new friends. My blog has been inactive but I am still around. I loom-knit (and weave now, too!) but I seem to take more photos of my toddler than my crafts these days. She has that cute factor going for her. Because of this, I have started a tumblr called Tiny Taughts of our home lessons, crafts and projects. Please visit me there and I promise to come back here soon!

Friday, February 27, 2009

I'm a Maneiac!

^ Flashorse Dance, Threadless tee design submission by Mezo

When I'm not on Ravelry, I'm on Threadless and that's where the inspiration came from for my latest project. Earlier this month, Mezo submitted a crazy awesome shirt design called Flashorse Dance. You could say it was an underground hit that deserves to be above ground — and on my body. Threadlesser Pyr4lis was entranced, too. She asked if anyone could make a pair of legwarmers based on the design. Loving the colors and buzz for a new project, I said YES. She chose the thick Wool-Ease yarn because she gets pretty cold in the office. And they are going to be warm for sure. And loooong so they can be super-scrunchy! I started the first one this week and here it is ... Hold your horses UPDATE: These crazy guys are turning into armwarmers instead. I tested them on a skinnier girl Friday night and they are a bit snug. So I'm going up in size for the legs (and I'll finish those first). But these cozy armwarmers-in-progress will be up on Etsy for anyone who wants them! Heck, I might even do the headband, too, if I have yarn left!


Now I started those just after I finished some perty wristwarmers. These are for Lily1029 from Threadless and are part of my very-first advance order for Etsy. They are a little snug on me but I know she has smaller hands so they will be just right for her. :-)

Royal wristwarmers

Royal wristwarmers

I'm also making her a Threadless tee pillow, which will be all set in a few days, too! I'm heading out to buy the pillow form tonight.

Threadless 7.00 progress

I'm gearing up to make a bunch more fingerless mittens, tee pillows and some little animals, too! The real Etsy shop launch should be next week. Really, I mean it this time. ;-)

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